Robot Bread Bot is a smart batch of robots that is able to stand alone breads

Used, bread, and just like a small automatic sales car, breads for

Buy customers. Bot Bot Bot to help retailers and eateries

Sellers are produced. The Bot Bot Bot is capable of receiving raw materials automatically

Calculate the amount of bread that is compatible with baking and adding water and other ingredients needed. Bake bread

They offer them to the customers from behind glass showers. A copy of this product at the exhibition

CES has been introduced this year, capable of heating up to 395 degrees Fahrenheit for heating raw materials

Baking bread in various shapes, suitable molds are required. After baking, the bread is in

Cooling columns are moved where customers can choose from here.

All these steps take at least an hour and a half and begin after 6 minutes of a new round of bread.

Build: America
Manufacturer Name: Wilkinson Baking Company