Accepting the active representation of Chalick’s student robot

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Representative Acceptance
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Familiarity with our products

Chalick has been involved in various educational fields since the year 85, such as the production of educational assistance products, student robots and various educational services. Our main field of work is the production and development of training robots. The complex model of education system thamesandkosmos that we have the best educational system in America and in many developed countries used to be and effort on making this advanced system of working to a small share in the development of the education sector And synchronize it with advanced countries.

Our educational collections have full educational guidance and leaflets for all enthusiasts. You can use the appropriate tools with these leaflets and determine the amount of your information in different sectors. Also, these collections have a mobile app that makes it easy to use.

The infinite world

Creating Thousands of Different Ideas

Make everything you want

Due to the number and type of parts, the variety of our products has made each individual able to create different ideas. With these parts you can simulate all the mechanisms you want

Build robot

Various Kinds of Educational Robots

What robots can be made

Using the available parts, you can create different robots and play different games with these robots. Keep in mind that for each game you can design and build a robot according to your own opinion

Educational Leaflets

Learn how to use this product

How to use booklets

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