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Robot Bread Bot: The Smart Bread Robot

Robot Bread Bot is a smart batch of robots that is able to stand alone breads Used, bread, and just like a small automatic sales car, breads for Buy customers. Bot Bot Bot to help retailers and eateries Sellers are produced. The Bot Bot Bot is capable of receiving raw materials automatically Calculate the amount [...]

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The robotics system gives the morale a boredom

Department of Science and Technology: A business enterprise to address the problem of social isolation and diminishing Their mental stresses and mental conflicts have devised a unique robotic system. The ElliQ Smart Robotics System was first featured at the 2019 CBS Show. The system has remarkable similarities with smart speakers, including Alexa, and has three [...]

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Wedding ceremony of love robots!

The first love robots proved their love for everyone by holding marriages in Japan. At the wedding, these two pigeons were in love with more than 100 people until the first marriage between robots To recognize. The groom's robot is named Frois at the ceremony and named the bride's robot Yukirin. Interestingly, the participants at [...]

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Bots in the future can read the minds of users?

These days, technology lovers are aware of the ever-increasing advances in artificial intelligence and robots, but the pace of progress in this area seems to be much faster than it's supposed to be, because MIT researchers have found a way that humans can only use mental waves and motion. Hand it with robots. In [...]

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Robot history

Robot History Returns to 350 BC, when the Greek mathematician, Archduke, managed to build a mechanical bird using steam. This was the first human effort to make automatic tools. Most of the robotics work was done in the twentieth century, both in story and in real life. In 1921, a Czech writer named Karl Kapek wrote the play "Roscom's Robot Factory". Robot is a word in the Czech language, which means forced labor. For the first time the term "robot" was officially used in this play.

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Making tactile sensory robotic hands

The researchers have created a robotic hand that is different from other robots; this is the hand of roboticsThe name (man agile) (Dexterous Hand) is capable of analyzing and deciding and powerGetting and touching objects is actually a step further than other robots.

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Flexible electronic skin aids human-machine interactions.

Human skin contains sensitive nerve cells that detect pressure, temperature and other sensations that allow tactile interactions with the environment. To help robots and prosthetic devices attain these abilities, scientists are trying to develop electronic skins. Now researchers report a new method in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces that creates an ultrathin, stretchable electronic skin, [...]

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Impact of toys on children

Different toys and games each kind of a child's mental and physical growth  And his skills affect him, but playing games play a significant role in this regard,  The all-encompassing impact that even affects the child's future in adulthood. The child makes something, observes it, and whenever he likes it without  No fear will ruin [...]

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The MobiLimb robotic finger touches your hand with the handset!

The MobiLimb Robotic Finger is one of the newest and, most of all, strangest connectivity gadgets To mobile or tablet, it is able to carry out a wide range of tasks such as caressing hands, informing the user, Mobile movement and more. We are always striking our smartphone, but it's not time So they also [...]

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Giant robots make a father and son farmer

Giant robots A father and son of a Chinese farmer made sculptures in the form of giant robots of car parts. In fact, the father and son of the farmer collected recycled materials that were worn out of the car And a giant robot, and after 3 years of continuous work, the statues are finally [...]

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