Different toys and games each kind of a child’s mental and physical growth
 And his skills affect him, but playing games play a significant role in this regard,
 The all-encompassing impact that even affects the child’s future in adulthood.
The child makes something, observes it, and whenever he likes it without
 No fear will ruin and rebuild.
Because the child is acting in the making and breaking down of freedom, he does not feel tired.
This action makes children face real-life problems
 And if they find a better way, they can easily leave the previous one.
In gaming, the child usually has to spend a lot of time building the desired object.
The significance of the game is that learning the child is never a repetitive and boring aspect
It can not be found and various shapes can be created by parts.
The parts are easily mounted and easily formed, for that reason
It is a child’s interest and can create something new and enjoy it every day