The researchers have created a robotic hand that is different from other robots; this is the hand of robotics

The name (man agile) (Dexterous Hand) is capable of analyzing and deciding and power

Getting and touching objects is actually a step further than other robots.

The robotic handpiece made has a pressure sensor and is capable of capturing an object

, To control its force.

The smartwatch has a touch of sensation and sensors that are installed, scientists said

The robotic finger is able to understand the environment and interact with the outside world; a robotic hand

It has three-dimensional cameras that can be viewed around and can view objects

It can be removed and touched; while other scientists can also use it for experiments and experiments

It can be optimized for use, for example, to develop a prosthesis.

They said: “We are still investigating all the possibilities that they can offer, it can even be

It’s also inaccessible and removes objects.

This hand can carry out 20 activities and ultra-sensitive touch sensors are at the fingertips.

It has been made using a standard industrial interface and as a remote tool

Able to perform operations.