The OroBot robot is a smart robotic fossil equipped with a computer simulator

And samples of the animal fossil discussed robot designed all the moving behaviors of salamander

Repeats the ancient one exactly. The interesting thing about how Orobates Pabsti is walking is similar

There is a lot of Cayman (a crocodile type) and its body at the time of moving than other family members

He got bigger. Such research, in addition to increasing the information in the field,

They are used as documentation to describe the evolution of animals, and to scientists one

The next step is to provide a comprehensive and precise scientific explanation of how human evolution is developed.

فسیل رباتیک هوشمند

فسیل رباتیک هوشمند

فسیل رباتیک هوشمند


Made in: Switzerland

Manufacturer Name: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne