Stan Robot is a smart parking robot that can park people in cars

A great place to park the airports, with the orderly, accurate, and efficient use of space

August will begin at Gatwick Airport in London. Usually airport parking

It is awful because it is very busy and irregular. But Stan Robot wants this once

Solve forever. Stan’s self parking system after successful experiments in Paris and Leon D.

It is London’s Gatwick Airport, and it looks like this superb idea will soon be responsible

Park the cars at this airport. With this new system, you own your car

You park in a small garage, scan your information inside the system, then without any

Another concern is going safely to the plane. Soon after a short stan robot

Your car comes in and raises it with its special fender and carries it with high precision and safety

It’s a good place to park at the airport. When you return from the trip, this robot is a car

Brings you to one of the garages and gives you.

Made in: France
Manufacturer Name: Stanley Robotics