A German automaker from the initial plan for sending mail by

Robotic dogs have unveiled. According to Meer News Agency, quoted by Daily Mail

A close up close to robotic dogs

Continental car dealership in Germany

However, the delivery system of the goods was unveiled

In which robotic dogs flock out of their caravans and packets at home

They give you the hatch.

In the same vein, Continental is collaborating with ANYbotic Robotics. The company is in production

The four-legged robots are famous for opening the doors and getting to the elevator. Besides that

The German company also designed a robotic taxi to deliver targeted mailing dogs


The taxi is called CUbE and it’s a self-propelled van that can synchronize one or more robots

When the van reaches its destination, one of the robotic dogs at the bottom of the car

The package is delivered at home. The channel is displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show

A prototype of the design.

The robotic dog can jump from the van or climb stairs, then deliver the package at home.

And even call the bell at home!