Today UAVs have found many changes in appearance and performance, innovations
Extremely that converts them into multifunction devices.
According to the journalist of the technology department of the Young Scientists’
Experts in the Submarine Titan UAV at the CES Technology Show
Las Vegas has been featured in a unique feature called Arm
Robotics has added it to the possibility of getting small objects into a submarine drone.
The construction of the Underwater Titan was carried out by a Chinese company called Geneinno
An initiative has been made to build it.
Among the technical characteristics of the UAV can be penetrated to a depth of 150 meters from the water, the possibility of film
4K quality vector and LED lights to illuminate the surroundings.
UAV communication with the guidance and control center, usually located on the boat or near the sea
They are possible with a long cable.
Another feature of the underwater UAV is the presence of a chamber to put some
Small instruments that divers can put small objects inside or samples
Collected by drone in a chamber for future research.
Titan’s UAV is about half a meter long and weighs 2 kilograms. Chinese manufacturers of this drone
They have not yet announced their final price, but this can be done through research
Science underwater.