The MobiLimb Robotic Finger is one of the newest and, most of all, strangest connectivity gadgets To mobile or tablet, it is able to carry out a wide range of tasks such as caressing hands, informing the user, Mobile movement and more. We are always striking our smartphone, but it's not time So they also beat us? Apparently Marc Teyssier, a researcher in the field of interaction Man and computer, he thinks so. Responsible for developing the MobiLimb Robotic Finger A scary device designed to connect to smartphones and tablets It can be a reminder of The Addams Family and Black Mirror.

Mark Tissa recently released a new video of her robotic finger on YouTube's website It's a new gadget for doing things like stroking your hands when working with the phone Or moving the mobile. MobiLimb comes with five engines with precise control It is possible to adjust and impose finger movement patterns. One of the interesting things In the case of this robotic finger made from black plastic, there are two custom skins, one With a fur coat and another with a similar look to the real finger.

In a video released, this powerful researcher shows how the MobiLimb robotic finger is Brings the smartphone to one level or informs the user when receiving a notification. the door Optionally, this device can even be used as a support stand. Perhaps for the time being, this robotic device can be placed in the category of technologies that you do not need. But Making this strange and innovative product can be interesting in its kind. In the attached video, We'll be more familiar with the mechanism of this gadget. Introducing MobiLimb Robotic Finger