Department of Science and Technology: A business enterprise to address the problem of social isolation and diminishing
Their mental stresses and mental conflicts have devised a unique robotic system.
The ElliQ Smart Robotics System was first featured at the 2019 CBS Show.
The system has remarkable similarities with smart speakers, including Alexa, and has three parts
The three sections include a microphone, a speaker and a magnetic charge.
Also, a camera-equipped tablet will connect to this system and use the system set
Speaks of a smart sound with the user. The camera and microphone of this set are intelligent
Artificially able to check the user’s room, see and hear or speak to others,
TV control and the program being broadcast by that, etc. If this system comes to a conclusion
That the person is not in good mental condition or is not so bored does not try to interact with the user
For example, he tells Jack or attractive news.

The suggestion to stream music or stream the Ted Inspirational videos is another step

Which the system is able to do. The system also functions in a textual way for planning
It can also be used to remind you of important tasks and costs $ 1,500.