بازوی رباتیک همه کاره

If you like to have an all-around assistant always at your side, you can
Use the hack bot robotic arm.

The robot has an arm that is tied to its accessories and tools

It can do different things.

The robot can do things like performing artistic projects, painting three-dimensional, pouring coffee

And making drinks and so on.

The robot has features such as computer vision and visual processing, and therefore the spectrum

The tasks that they are able to do are very diverse.

The HEXBOOT robot can also arrange different objects, and thus to clean and shrink

It can also be used in the surroundings. The arms of this robot both vertically and both
They move horizontally and therefore have a lot of flexibility.

Charge this robot with a USB cable – a 2.5-inch display

Touch also makes use of it and facilitates planning of the robot. The price of this robot is set
It will be available in October 2019 for around $ 870.
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بازوی رباتیک همه کاره