The first love robots proved their love for everyone by holding marriages in Japan.

At the wedding, these two pigeons were in love with more than 100 people until the first marriage between robots

To recognize. The groom’s robot is named Frois at the ceremony and named the bride’s robot


Interestingly, the participants at the marriage ceremony had paid $ 81 per person.

The invitation card for the event, which depicted the two loved robots inside the heart for participants,

Before the ceremony was sent.

The groom’s robot was designed at the wedding ceremony in red, and the robot was a silver bride. The interesting part is

The SoftBank popular robot has officially married the two robots.

Japanese did not give up on the first robotic events for marriage ceremony and the wedding cake with the band

The singers and dancers completed the wedding of the bride and groom. The ceremony was hosted by Maywa Denki

The groom’s robot design was carried out doha.